I provide strategic performance and leadership coaching.

Do you feel like you’re doing everything on your own?
Do you have clearly defined goals and objectives? And a plan to achieve them?
Do you need someone to hold you accountable to your goals?
Do you need someone to give you straight, honest answers?
Do you know how to get from where you are, to where you want to be?
Do you need someone to ask you better questions?
Have you crafted your strategy to live up to your values and beliefs?
Do you know that you don’t know what you don’t know?
Is every ounce of effort you make in a day going towards your goals?
Are you getting guidance grown from practical experience?
How can I help? ben@benbeveridge.com

Performance Coaching = You. Better.
Skills Coaching = You. With new tools, training, and capability.
Career Coaching = Your path. Clearly defined. With direction, guidance, and accountability.
Personal Coaching = 
You. Inside. Expanding your insight. Going beyond your horizons.
Business Coaching = 
Your business. Real strategy. The Why. And the How. Then actually getting it done.
Executive Coaching = 
Your leaders.  Growing exceptional leadership talent for brilliance, influence, and performance.
Team Coaching = 
Your future. With better tools, better skills, a way forward, and the help to get there.

“Ben is an effective coach, mentor, guide and leader because he listens to people’s thoughts without injecting his own opinions, until they are asked for or needed. His ideas come from a place of trust and optimism, as do his suggestions for improvement in other peoples situations.

Ben has excellent problem solving skills and a TON of experience to help guide people through their own situations, without seeming overbearing. He has learned the art of conversation, like few I have ever met, and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge that is very inspiring and encouraging.”


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In order to reach your potential, and achieve things you never thought possible, this is what I commit to in our work together.

Ethics and Standards
I will fully conform to and abide by the ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation.

Establishing the Coaching Agreement
• I will fully explore what you want from this coaching relationship, establish measures of success, and ensure that we are both absolutely clear about the purpose of this work.
• I will check regularly to ensure that the direction of the coaching is continuing to serve your purpose and make changes in direction if necessary, based on your feedback.

Establishing Trust
• I have complete faith in the mutual state of awareness that can only arise in the moment and out of real conversation.
• I am comfortable not knowing, and will seek to also learn, as this is one of the best states to expand awareness in.
• I am willing to be vulnerable with you and have you be vulnerable with me.
• I am completely confident in myself, in the coaching process, and in you as a full partner in the relationship.
• I have complete ease and naturalness in conversation; I do not have to “work” to coach.
• There is nothing within the scope of work that I will not share. You may ask me any question, and I will answer openly, honestly, and with the depth of my true experience of life.

Coaching Presence
• I will be a completely connected observer of and for you. My connection with you is based on the whole of who you are, how you learn, and what you have to teach me. I am ready to be enlightened by you, and I welcome the opportunity for resonance between us.
• I base my vision for our work in complete curiosity, and have no attachment to performance or outcome.
• I believe absolutely, and deeply trust that the value created is inherent in the process.

Active Listening
• My ability to listen is completely attuned as a learner and listening happens at the logical, emotional, and organic level at one time.
• My skill in listening is both linear and non-linear and I will seek to learn about you at all levels.
• I will seek to recognize both of our capability for intuitive and energetic perception that is felt when you speak of important things, when new growth is occurring for you, and when you are finding a more powerful sense of self.
• My listening is in the present, but I also focus on hearing your future develop.
• I hear and understand the totality of your greatness and gifts, as well as limiting beliefs and patterns.
• My listening and understanding grows throughout each individual session, and cumulatively from session to session.

Powerful Questioning
• I will ask direct, evocative questions that are considerate of you in the moment, and that demand significant thought or take you to a new place of thinking.
• I will endeavor to use your language and learning style to craft my questions.
• I will ask questions that are fully based in curiosity and will not ask questions to which I know the answer.
• The questions I ask will be crafted to serve you in finding deeper contact with your shadow and light sides, and find the hidden power in yourself.
• I will ask questions that help you create the future rather than focusing on past or even present dilemmas.
• I am not afraid of questions that will make either you or I uncomfortable.

Direct Communication
• I will easily and freely share what is true for me, without attachment.
• I will share directly and simply, in a way that best suits your understanding.
• I will create sufficient space for you to have equal or more communication time than me.
• I fully trust you to choose the response that is best for you.
• I wholeheartedly invite, respect, and celebrate direct communication back from you.

Creating Awareness
• My invitation to you is to seek exploration, not solution.
• I am as much an explorer as you are.
• I have not concluded what awareness should be, and I am willing to discover it with you.
• Your greatness is invited and welcomed. Neither you, nor I, are here to fix you.
• I encourage you to make me aware and I will heed your voice, your insight, and your true self.
• I will cultivate a sense of connected observation, so that I may serve the totality of who you are and what you want, and create the space for you to share.
• I will not force awareness, but will allow it to grow easily, naturally, and comfortably.

Designing Actions
• I will work in complete partnership with you to design actions.
• We will design actions that fit your goals, learning style, and pace of wanted or necessary movement.
• I will allow action to include thinking, creating and doing.
• I will engage you in relating designed actions to other aspects of what you want, thereby broadening the scope of learning and growth.
• I will encourage informed experimentation to help you develop more powerful, leveraged actions.

Planning and Goal Setting
• I will work with you to clarify and develop goals that achieve more than just the surface of your concerns.
• I will encourage you to lead in designing goals and planning.
• We will create goals and plans that fit your learning style and pace.
• I will allow plans to include thinking, creating, and doing.
• I will engage you in relating goals and plans to other aspects of what you want, thereby broadening the scope of learning and growth.

Managing Process and Accountability
• I will encourage you to determine your own methods of accountability and offer support to those methods.
• I will support you in determining who should be on your accountability team and how to use each person, including me.
• I will trust you to be accountable to yourself, and consciously call you to account or discussion if agreed upon forward movement does not occur.

I completely and wholeheartedly commit to these principles and intentions in achieving the growth of your understanding, capacity, ability, and success in the goals you set.


* I am currently working towards my certification as an ICF Professional Certified Coach. Hours spent coaching clients may be used towards these training requirements.