I provide tailored speaking presentations to engage and support your organization’s mandate and direction. I am comfortable in small groups, or with large audiences.

Do you need a force or presence to support your message?
Do you find that you aren’t reaching your audience?
Do you need to deliver a piece of learning or knowledge, but the people you need to listen don’t hear you?
Do you want your conference, AGM, or meeting to benefit from a unique perspective on life, business, work, and play?
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Topics may be chosen from a number of current talks, or can be created to suit your needs.

Entrepreneurship. It’s all in the mind.
Failure. How failure crafts successful entrepreneurs.
Retention. Competing with culture, not cash.
Mastery. 10,000 hours and the truth about time.
Emotion and Business. Success, failure, heartbreak, and what you learn from feeling in business.
Communication. Why it matters.
The Psychology of Business. Understanding the underlying cause of individuals action in business relationships.
Start with Why. The teaching of Simon Sinek on the power of understanding why we do what we do.
Motivation. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivation. New research, and why it only matters past a base threshold.
Succession. Small business owners, and their mistaken expectations of the business sale maintaining their lifestyle through retirement.
Sell Your Job. Too many small business owners think they have a company they can sell, when really they own a job. When they try and sell this job, they are inevitably disappointed when a buyer looking for a business either doesn’t buy, or offers far less than is asked. Why not target the sale to those people who are actually looking to buy a job, or build a business out of it, and will pay a premium for what they’ve built.
Partnership. The good, the bad, and the ugly of what can work, and what can go very, very wrong in a business partnership. And how to come out the other side with your soul intact. Dealing with expectations, frustrations, and delusions in success and failure.
My Story. My journey so far in business, life, family, and inside myself. What I’ve learned, what I’m still trying to figure out, and what I hope to be. You’ll get the real, raw, deep dirt.
Labour. Shifting labour markets and the impact on traditional industries.
Labour. Labour market challenges and the impact on small business.
Labour. Labour market challenges and the impact on small business. British Columbia/Okanagan specific.