I provide corporate training and team building for small business, family business, executive teams, operations crews, and large corporate environments. My team can accommodate training for groups of 4 to 400. My training programs range from one hour intensives, to 5 year educational platforms.

I offer leadership training, team building and skill development with a focus on critical thinking, conflict resolution, and communication. I do this to help create, support, and maintain high performance organizations across Canada.

I specialize in addressing specific challenges in your operating practice, with custom built solutions that engage and inspire your team to greater success. I do this by working with you to craft the environment that keeps your team at the peak of their potential.

Do you have lots of binders on the shelf, filled with training that you’ve never actually used?
Do you pay for learning that never makes it out of the book? Never actually makes a difference to your business?
Do you know how to measure the impact of the training you get?
Wouldn’t you rather pay to fix a problem you actually have?
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I will work with you to discover what your team is struggling with, what is challenging them, and what is causing the greatest frustration. I will design a customized program to address these problems, and offer tools and training that will allow, encourage, and build positive change. I do this by giving individuals the skills and knowledge to deal with situations in the workplace before they become major issues.

The discovery process will include background material provided by you, along with interviews with the group that is to do the training, as well as their staff and superiors. You will be provided with a program that details expected results, and methods of tracking the success of the training over time.

After assessing your needs, and establishing precise goals for the training, I will work directly with your team. I will introduce concepts that will shift their thinking as individuals, reinforced by experiential learning and interactive training that ingrains the learning deeply.

I integrate this learning into the daily activities and work processes, so that the training is applied and utilized in a way that will continue to benefit the organization for the long term.

By integrating the training into the day to day operations of your team, I ingrain the methodology into practice. I regularly review and assess the success of the training on a monthly or quarterly schedule. This allows you to continually re- assess, adjust, and add to the training as necessary, without losing traction.

I work with a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced learning professionals. We bring a diverse expertise from careers in education, government, sports, business, and non-profit organizations. This comes along with specialized training in psychology, psychotherapy, performance, team dynamics, mastery, and human interaction.

All of the facilitators, trainers, and coaches in my working group have chosen this work out of a deep love for influencing and leading individuals to achieve transformational experiences and fundamental change in the way they interact with the world.

In addition to my customized and proprietary programming I can offer assessment, training, and programs through DiSC, Gallup, Standout, FranklinCovey, Strengths Finder, Values Blueprint, EQ-i and EQ360, Marcus Buckingham, and Organizational Transactional Analysis.

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Teaching people to talk to each other. Where did you learn to have a conversation? Who taught you to listen? Who showed you how to consciously hold your awareness on the person you are talking to, without internal distraction? Was there a course in high school that you had to take, where you learned how to effectively communicate with others?

Communication is the one thing that we do every single day of our lives, that we put almost no thought into how good we are at it, or how we could be better.  Learning to listen. Learning to share clearly. Learning to accurately communicate what we mean. These are all things that we can improve, that will dramatically change the way we live and work.

Communication Planning
Communication Strategy
Communication Models
Active Listening
Communication in Meetings
Communication in Writing
Negotiation, Persuasion, and Influence

Instruction and Understanding
Giving you the tools to empower you to be better at giving instruction, and make your team better at listening, understanding, and implementing what they are asked to do. Changing the way that your team listens will dramatically improve productivity, safety, profit, and significantly reduce work loss.

Team Building
Leadership Development.
How to be an inspired Leader, and how that inspires others.
Team player styles.
Building your team.
Team communication.
Feedback. Better ways to get what you need.
Conflict resolution.

More coming soon!